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The Holy Family Social Action team uses Catholic Social Teaching as a guide while creating opportunities for advocacy, organizing, solidarity and charity.  The main focus of the team is on immigration and poverty.  The team looks for opportunities to collaborate with other churches and community groups to broaden our efforts.

The Social Action Team core group meets every two months to discuss the opportunities that have been presented to the parish, to prioritize activities, and to coordinate events.  

Members of the team who aren't interested in being a part of the core group but who want to remain actively involved and informed can join our mailing list by contacting Sister Tracy Kemme at

If you are interested in coming to a core team meeting to see if you want to become more involved contact Sister Tracy Kemme at

Arrival in the United States

Once they arrive at the border

It is hard to get permission to immigrate to the United States legally.  In the best case, the waiting period may take five to ten years but is usually much longer, so what happens when people arrive. To find out more about the journey, press the Read More button. 

Guatemala Facts #2

The Journey to the United States

To ge to the United States, Guatemalans must travel over 2500 miles, through deserts, mountains, and jungles or on small boats along the coast. They face terrible difficulties in trying to get to the United States. If caught, of course, the migrants are deported back to Guatemala. To find out more about the journey, press the Read More button. 

Guatemala Facts

Why Would Anyone Leave

Why would anyone leave Guatemala to take the perilous journey to the United States, where they might be placed in a detention center, turned back or live a life as an undocumented person in a country that may not accept them?  Read these interesting facts to find out more about poverty, health care, and violence in Guatemala. 



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